• StarChase Motorsports Mongolia LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wearnes-StarChase Group, will become the authorized importer of BASF's Coatings solutions
  • BASF has been in partnership with StarChase in China since 2007

StarChase Motorsports Mongolia LLC has recently signed an agreement with BASF. Under the agreement, StarChase will be the authorized importer of Glasurit, the premium refinish paint brand of BASF, in Mongolia.

Wearnes-StarChase is a unique pan-Asian vehicle distributor with a strong footprint in the luxury and premium segment of the vehicle market. The top-ranked distributor has operated Porsche and Jaguar Land Rover dealerships in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia since 2013. BASF, Glasurit has been in partnership with StarChase in China since 2007.

"We are pleased to be able to build upon our partnership with StarChase and extend our presence to Mongolia for the first time," said Patrick Zhao, Senior Vice President, BASF Coatings Solutions, Asia Pacific.  "This new agreement will allow BASF to reach StarChase’s body shop customers in Mongolia and offer them the same professionalism, efficiency and sustainability that we’ve been delivering across its network in Greater China."

"BASF is already an important business partner for the Wearnes-StarChase Group across all our operations in Greater China.  We have jointly and successfully piloted the Glasurit 100 Line in our Porsche centers in China, and we are enjoying the benefits of a strong marketing cooperation in motorsport.  We are proud that BASF now entrusts us with the importer responsibility for the Mongolian market as well, strengthening our partnership even further," said Robby Niermann, Chief Executive Officer Greater China, StarChase Motorsports Trading (Shanghai) Limited.

Mongolia’s economic growth is expected to rebound to 4.6% in 2021 and hit 6.0% in 2022 as concerns over COVID-19 ease, export-related transportation and logistics issues are resolved and domestic demand rises.  "The country's fast urbanization and modernization have led to a greater demand for cars and automobile-related services," said Craig Wright, Managing Director, StarChase Group Mongolia.  "It is important that StarChase remains at the forefront of being able to offer our customers the innovative products and services that BASF provides to us."