Why Wearnes-StarChase

Representing a multitude of car franchises, there are abound of challenges and opportunities. We firmly believe in strong collaboration within our team, a culture fostering innovation and embracing a diverse and inclusive workplace. We seek talented and highly-driven people who are passionate to pursue excellence to join our dynamic team.

If you think you have what it takes, apply today to embark on this intriguing journey with us!

Our People

We are dedicated to the belief that our most valuable resource is people. Our people come from diverse background and cultures, all bounded together by their love for luxury cars and a passion to pursue excellence. To fuel this passion and translate it to success, we empower our employees, value their contributions and provide opportunities for personal and career growth. Diversity and empowerment in workplace encourages constant exchange of fresh and innovative ideas. These positive interactions coupled with fair and equal treatment of our people, create a cohesive workforce delivering seamless, genuine and exceptional “Wearnes-StarChase Experience” to our valued customers.

Job Opportunities

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